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How to Advertise on Spotify

Reach the “Streaming Generation” Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

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How to Advertise on Spotify

Find Out How Spotify Can Help You Solve Some of Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

Spotify isn’t just big: it’s a worldwide phenomenon, with 75 million active users in 58 countries. You probably already know what a big deal it is, or you wouldn’t be here.

But what you might not know about Spotify is how you can use it to address your stickiest marketing challenges, like:

  • Reaching Millennials and other hard-to-reach demos
  • Truly effective cross-platform and cross-device marketing
  • Marketing fatigue/“ad blindness”
  • Retention and awareness over longer buying cycles

Let’s look at how you can do that.

Reach Exactly the Right Audience, When They’re Most Likely to Respond
You can reach listeners of nearly any age group using Spotify. Most Spotify users are in the coveted 18 – 34 demographic, and are divided equally between women and men.

With Spotify, you pay for listeners, not channels or programs. Why is that such a big deal for your marketing efforts? It means you’re not guessing who you’re reaching. You know, because of Spotify’s unique streaming behavior insights and audience tools. You can target listeners by location, age, gender, genre, interests and more. It’s amazing what you can learn about your customers by what and how they stream!

Want to reach Millennials? Moms? People who can’t wait to get the latest tech gadget in their hot little hands? You can with Spotify, and RSM can help you do it. We’ll help you use those targeting tools to create and maintain your optimal audience.

Spotify users listen throughout the day and night, not just during expensive “drive time” or “prime time” slots. You can reach them while they’re commuting, at work, studying, at the gym, and at home. RSM can help you identify your own “prime times” when your ads will be most effective.

Keep Up With Your Customers Across Platforms
Your customers use several devices throughout the day: mobile phone, work computer, the smart TV and laptop at home. Not all digital tactics handle cross-device marketing effectively. Unless a customer is logged in or using the same network, you lose track of them as they switch devices.

This is where Spotify really shines. It’s 100% logged in, so you stay connected to prospects no matter the device or platform. RSM can help you tailor your ads to each for maximum impact.

Get Noticed
Think of how many marketing messages you see and hear per day. Radio. TV. Online. Print. Billboards. Email. Text. How many actually catch and hold your attention? Not many, right? It’s the same with your customers.

With Spotify, you can break out of all that background noise and be heard. Listeners get fewer ads per hour on Spotify than on traditional radio, so they’re more likely to tune in. For video and display ads, you get 100% share of voice—no jockeying for ad space on a crowded webpage. RSM can produce and design ads for you that will maximize that impact.

People don’t always act on the first exposure to a brand or product. In fact, they usually don’t. We can help you set up sequential and retargeting ads on Spotify to keep the conversation going.

Get the Most From Your Spotify Advertising

Spotify is a cost-effective way to reach as broad or as specific an audience as you want. Raise brand awareness to the masses, or zero in on conversions from a targeted group. Go national or keep it super local. When you compare all the options, as we routinely do, you find that a smart Spotify buy is an excellent value for what you get. RSM is your partner for smart Spotify strategy.

We’ll help you increase ROI through a personalized campaign strategy and by helping you create the ideal target market. We measure and optimize your results using Spotify’s insight and tracking tools. Spotify combines the passionate engagement of radio with the flexibility and data-driven power of digital marketing…but you have to know how to harness that power and make it work for you. That’s the value we bring to the table.

Need an Audio or Video Ad?

well thought out, written and executed by creative talent at RSM Marketing. Our graphic designers can create display banners for any of the many formats Spotify offers.

Or, you can run an ad you already have. We can make sure it meets Spotify’s specifications as well as best practices.

With Spotify, “If in doubt, try it out.” You owe yourself, and your business, the chance to break out in a big way. You’ll regret not knowing what might have been for such an exciting marketing opportunity.

Contact us for a consultation and let us help you create a winning advertising campaign on Spotify.

Why use RSM Marketing for your Spotify buy?

  1. We know Internet radio secrets that will provide results.
  2. We can write and produce your ads quickly with quality for any budget.
  3. We are also digital marketing experts who can optimize your website and online conversion tactics.
If you’re advertising B2C, have us set up a remarketing campaign that presents your site visitors with compelling reasons to return to your site to make a purchase. For longer buying cycles, you absolutely must have this.

If you’re advertising B2B, we have a technology that knows what companies are on your site, real-time, by name. We also know what pages they visited, their phone number, their company contacts. This tool is critical in harvesting the additional value from a Spotify campaign. In addition to outright conversions, you’ll have warm leads for your sales team for a year.


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